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We are a professional development association of Second-in-Command Executives: Chief Operating Officers, Operating CFOs, General Managers, Divisional Presidents, Operating CIOs, and Executive Vice Presidents. We serve with integrity, providing value to our Members, to our Member’s companies, and to our overall business community.


  1. To provide a collaborative, peer learning forum of Chief Operating Officers and other Second-in-Command Executives.
  2. To expand individual Member’s professional development.
  3. To develop and share COO-specific best practices.
  4. To connect the greater Second-in-Command community.
  5. To broaden understanding and awareness throughout the greater business community of the Second-in-Command and its crucial role.


COO eForum Our private and confidential member forum featuring profiles, member contributions, a resource of business information, industry forums, jobs postings, and search.

Local Chapter Meetings where members discuss issues, share approaches and developments in their businesses, and tackle COO-specific Best Practices.

Industry Forums  We will continue to evolve this offering as more Members participate and we have larger quorums in more industries.

Individual Member Support Extensive network of Second-in-Command Executives with wide-ranging Areas of Expertise support the diverse needs of each Member.

Advocacy  Providing a voice, research, knowledge, and press support to those interested in a greater understanding of the COO role.